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  • Marcus BornfreundB.A , LL.B, LL.M, of the Bar of Ontario.
    Marcus has successfully represented clients at every level of Ontario Court and can help with all stages of your defence, including bail hearings, bail reviews, trials and appeals.
  • Norm StanfordB.A., LL.B., of the Bar of Ontario.
    Norm's practice focuses on the defence of criminal drunk driving charges, including Impaired Driving, Impaired Care and Control, Over 80, and Refuse to Provide Breath Sample.

Turning yourself in? Friend or family member arrested? Who is eligible to sign a bail? No one able to sign for you? Youth? International student? Do you have a medical issue or addiction?

Lost a bail hearing? You can immediately appeal a detention order by filing an application for Bail Review with the Superior Court of Justice or Court of Appeal.

Need a bail variation? Remove house arrest, extend curfew, employment and school exceptions, pick-up personal property, child access, contact spouse, travel, add or change surety.

Are you eligible to act as a surety? Find out now if you meet the requirements: over 18 years of age, no criminal record, Canadian citizen or permanent resident, prior relationship to the accused, able to make a financial promise to the Court.

Non-residents and foreign nationals are entitled to a Detention Review every 30 days. Requirements include cash deposit and signing in with Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) Reporting Centre.

Have your made a financial promise to the Court to guarantee a bail? Have you received a Notice of Estreatment asking you to pay the money promised as a surety for a bail? Learn how to protect yourself from losing money.

How Bail Works

Types of Bail Hearings
Can you be released on a Promise to Appear or will you be held for a bail? Do you need a surety to sign for you? Will money have to be deposited with the Court to secure the bail?

Information for the Accused
Your Bail Hearing is an important part of your criminal defence. Being released on bail gives you the best opportunity to prepare for trial. Be prepared by using an experienced lawyer to conduct your Bail Hearing.

How to Revoke Bail
Have you received a call from the police? Are you worried that the accused person is not following their conditions? Get tips on how to protect your money.

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Our Client Success Stories

Everyone accused of a criminal offence is entitled to a reasonable bail. We have won bail for persons in almost all circumstances. Call us now for our opinion on your case.

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We are experienced criminal defence lawyers who have conducted hundreds of Bail Hearings. We can tell you exactly what to expect during the bail process whether you are an accused person or surety. We get results.